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Monday, December 10, 2012

Kim Hyeon-joo debuts to Hollywood

Actress Kim Hyeon-joo is about to debut into Hollywood. She received a call from a US productions while she was taking a break from "Dummy Mommy" and had a movie meeting.
This movie is being prepared by a Korean-American and it is a biography of Mafia Jason Lee. Kim Hyeon-joo was offered the role of Master Ahn Chang-ho's daughter.
Chicago mafia and legendary gambler Jason Lee is one of the top three bosses of the Mafia Committee and one of the characters who donated a huge amount of support to independence activist Ahn Chang-ho.

The productions cast Kim Hyeon-joo as they were appealed by her oriental beauty.
Kim Hyeon-joo's agency claims, "She thought hard about the movie scenario and was satisfied. Stepping into Hollywood could be a good chance to show the US the true Korea".
The agency said, "Schedules will be set within the next 2~3 months. The making will start in May next year. The rest of the cast is made up of people who are very famous all over the world".
Kim Hyeon-joo debuted in 1996 and starred in "Her House", "Sangdo", "Glass Slipper", "Toji, the Land", "Twinkle Twinkle" and more. She is currently studying English for her debut to the US.

Source : Hancinema, ( English )

Guys, just heard this news. I'm sorry if we were not able to update the site for a VERY LONG time. We're on our growing up stage and currently I already have a job. It may sound impossible to update our website from time to time, but we'll do our best to post updates. Thank you!

Monday, August 29, 2011

An Interview with Kim Hyun Joo

Arirang TV's "Star Focus" interview with Kim Hyun Joo. The interview took place a year ago at the publication of her needlework essay. But I still like to share it to everyone.

Kim Hyun Joo is always remembered as a bubbly and funny actress. Star Focus goes in depth on our shining star Kim Hyun Joo who makes those around her happy with her pleasant smile as she transforms into a writer.


KHJ: Hello Arirang TV Showbiz Extra viewers, I'm Kim Hyun Joo. I think we're meeting up after a long time. I'm extremely happy to meet you.

Q: How have you been?