Dramas and TV Shows

  • What Happens to my Family? (KBS2, 2014)
Genre: Drama, Family
Format: Television Series
Broadcast Information: Sat-Sun 08:00pm | KBS World Sun-Mon 04:50am (Seoul, UTC+9) 2014.08.16 ~
Written by: Kang Eun Kyung
Directed by: Jeon Chang Geun
Starring: Kim Hyun Joo, Kim Sang Kyung, Yoo Dong Geun, Yoon Park, Park Hyung Shik
No. of Episodes: 

"What Happens to My Family?" is a family drama about happenings when children's daddy sues his selfish children for not being undutiful to parents. The drama wants to talk about the gratitude as a family which we all have taken for granted and the secret of happiness when saying "Thank you," "I am sorry," and "I love you."

  • Can We Love? (JTBC, 2014)
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Family
Format: Television series
Broadcast Information: Mon - Tue 21:50; Jan 6, 2014 ~
Written by: Park Min-jung
Directed by: Kim Yoon-cheol
Starring: Eugene, Uhm Tae-woong, Kim Yoo-mi, Choi Jeong-yoon, Kim Sung-soo
No. of episodes: 20

Can We Love? (Hangul: 우리가 사랑할 수 있을까; RR: Wooriga Saranghal Soo Isseulka) is a 2014 South Korean television drama starring Eugene, Uhm Tae-woong, Kim Yoo-mi, Choi Jeong-yoon and Kim Sung-soo. It airs on jTBC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:50 beginning January 6, 2014.

The series is based on Han Kyung-hye's novel Mother Needs a Man, which was published by Random House Korea in 2007.

  • Musical Journey Yesterday (MBC, 2014)
Broadcast Information: Jan 25, 2014 ~ (Sat 24:35 KST)
Episodes: 2 ~
Genre: Entertainment

Where there is music, there are memories! Let's get back to the classic yet famous songs that have touched our hearts and left us with good memories.

  • Cruel Palace - War of Flowers (JTBC, 2013)
Broadcast Information: Sat - Sun, 8:45 PM, 2013/03/23 ~
Episodes: 50
Genre: Historical
Director: Noh Jong Chan 
Screenplay: Jeong Ha Yeon

Dark History: War of the Flowers is a Korean drama about a concubine who has King Injo of the Joseon Dynasty tightly wrapped around her pinky finger. Kim Hyun Joo will take on the lead female role as Lady Jo for War of the Flowers. Lady Jo was born in the lowest possible class, but rose up in the ranks to become the King's concubine utilizing her beauty and feminine wiles. She came in between the king and his son, Crown Prince Sohyeon, greatly damaging their father-son relationship. Just how badly will she ruin their relationship? Will King Injo chose his concubine over his own son? How will the king react when he discovers his concubine has another lover on the side?

Broadcast Information: Sat - Sun, 9:50 PM, 2011/03/17 ~
Episodes: 20
Director: Lee Dong Hoon
Screenplay: Park Gye Ok

This drama is based on the book called 'Dumb Mom' by Choi Moon Jung. It's about a mother with little intelligence and the conflict and reconciliation she experiences with her child.

    Broadcast Information: Mon - Thu, 19:20, 2011/12/05 ~
    Director: Jo Cheon Woo and 9 others
    Screenplay: Jin Myeong Hee and 5 others

    It is all about animals. Kim Hyun Joo shares stories about people's love, friendship and faith to their pets, and all the stories about separation.

    Producer: Lee Dae Young
    Director: Noh Do Chul
    Screenwriter: Bae Yoo Mi
    Genre: Drama
    Episodes: 54
    Broadcast period: 2011-Feb-12 to 2011-Aug-14
    Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:40
    Official Site:

    (Also known as 반짝반짝 빛나는 / Banjjak Banjjak Bitnaneun / All That Glitters / Twinkle Twinkle) This drama tells the success story of Han Jung Won, a workaholic careerwoman who is determined to make her own way in life without the help of her family, which has garnered considerable wealth from their publishing company. Her life is turned upside down due to someone’s mistake, and she faces numerous setbacks on the road to recovery.

    Broadcast Information: Wed, 23:00, 2009-12-02 ~ 2009-12-02
    Summary: Korea | Two-part series
    Director: Jang Jae Young and 2 others

    Kim Hyun Joo represents Korea in Canada and returned from a very special experience. She personally traveled Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria Island to experience nature and the unique eco-life.

    Chief Producer: Bae Kyung Soo
    Producer: Kong Seung Hwan (공승환)
    Director: Hwang Eui Kyung, Kim Won Suk
    Asst. Director: Han Sang Woo (한상우), Yoo Jong Sun (유종선), Jang Yang Ho (장양호)
    Screenwriter: Jo Jung Joo (조정주), Yoo Mi Kyung
    Genre: Law, romance
    Episodes: 16
    Broadcast Period: 2009-Jun-24 to 2009-Aug-13
    Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
    Official Site

    (Also known as 파트너) "Who is your partner?" When you take a look at the definition of ‘Partner’, it gives you synonyms such as colleague, sharer, spouse, and accomplice. Partner is a person who is strongly associated with me; the one who knows me very well and stays by my side. The word ‘Partner’ takes a different meaning when it is used in law firm. Partners are the people who survived from the power struggle. They are executives who are on the top of the law firm pyramid. Enterprises are law firm’s partners. Law firms fight each other to become a partner of business. They struggle to be close to power and to become a slave of money. There are some lawyers who want be the partners of commoners as well. They are willing to be the spokesperson for the underprivileged. It is a story about partner; the one who is going to stay by your side and fight together in front of law.

    Original Work: Manga Hana Yori Dango by Kamio Yoko
    Production Company: Group Eight
    Director: Jun Ki Sang
    Screenwriter: Yoon Ji Ryun
    Genre: Romance, comedy
    Episodes: 25
    Broadcast period
    : 2009-Jan-05 to 2009-Mar-31
    Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
    Related TV Series: Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango, Liu Xing Yu
    See inserts: Boys Before Flowers OST, Boys Before Flowers OST 2, Boys Before Flowers OST 2.5

    (Also known as 꽃보다 남자 / Meteor Garden / Hana Yori Dango / Boys Over Flowers / 花样男子) Jan Di is an average girl whose family owns a dry-cleaning shop that is located near the luxurious and well-known Shin Hwa College. Jan Di meets the four richest and spoiled boys when she delivers laundry to the school one day. The boys are known as the F4 and cause trouble to those who speak out against them.

    Director: Pyo Min Soo
    Screenwriter: Jung Yoo Kyung
    Episodes: 16
    Genre: Drama, Romance
    Broadcast period: 2007-Nov-07 to 2007-Dec-27
    Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
    (Also known as 인순이는 예쁘다 / Pretty In Soon / In Soon I Neun Yeppeuda) Park In Soon is an ex-murder convict who accidentally killed a person in high school and served time in prison for her crime. In her school days, thanks to her outstanding looks, she received a lot of love from people. However, after the murder incident, she wears tinted glasses and is afraid to meet people's eyes. However, she's a tough woman who hasn't lost hope, and longs for happiness. Yoo Sang Woo is In Soon's childhood friend who moved away. They lost touch with each other. Sang Woo puts In Soon on a high pedestal but when he finds out that In Soon killed somebody, he is shocked and tries to distance himself from her.

    Chief Producer: Kim Young Sup
    Writer: Kim Yi Young
    Director: Kang Shin Hyo
    Asst. Director: Lee Myung Woo
    Production: SBS
    Genre: Drama, Romance
    Episodes: 16
    Broadcast period: 2005-Nov-26 to 2006-Jan-22
    Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45

    (Also known as To Marry a Millionaire / Baek-man-jang-ja-wa gyeol-hon-ha-gi / 백만장자와 결혼하기) Want to marry a millionaire? Add one 'Average Joe', be one of eight women selected, and money from the television network station and you can. Han Eun-young works as a clerk at a bank, trying to pay off the debts her step-mother and sister have piled on her. Kim Young-hoon is your regular, 'Average Joe', worker. He provides for his father, his older brother and his wife, as well as his younger brother. One day, PD Yoo Jin-ha is asked to take over the project, "Marry a Millionaire". Reluctantly, he agrees to handle the project. His search begins for the perfect man to play the 'millionaire'. His goal is to use a man who is an average worker, but can pull off the facade of a millionaire. Kim Young-hoon is that man. Although he works hard for a living, there are many who can easily mistake him for a rich guy. By chance, Eun-young is selected to be a particpant in the TV show. Although the women are not supposed to know that this millionaire of their's is just a regular worker, Eun-young knows his true identity. How? Simple. Young-hoon was her first love. After many years, they meet up again at a party. Although she didn't recognize him at first, she realized it was the young boy she had fallen in love with back in middle school. Although she says she made a mistake in liking him, being in the show with him is bringing up warm feelings once again. Marrying a Millionaire is based on the US reality television show, Joe Millionaire.

      Also known as: 토지 / Toji 
      Genre: Romance, drama 
      Episodes: 52 
      Broadcast period: 2004-Nov-11 to 2005-May-22
    Air time: Saturday & Sunday 8:45 PM
    Director: Lee Jong Han
    Original writing: Park Kyung Ni
    Screenwriter: Kim Myung Ho, Lee Hong Goo, Lee Hye Sun
    Official Site

    When she was 5 years old, Seo Hee's mother ran off with one of their servants and she was left with her father, who had never been kind to her. But even this shock did not prepare her for the hardships she would suffer after her father's death, when her relative, Cho Joon Goo, took advantage of her young age and gained possession the legal documents which had marked her as landowner. Throughout these miserable years, her lowly friend Gil Sang became her only source of comfort and support. With his help, Seo Hee escapes being forcibly married to Cho Byun Soo, a disabled man of Joon Goo's choosing, and flees from her hometown. She slowly builds her fortune as a merchant, driven by a desire for revenge on Joon Goo and the ultimate goal of regaining her land.

    Screenwriter: Park Yeon Seon
    Producer: Jang Ki Hong (Tomato)
    Genre: Comedy, Romance
    Episodes: 16
    Broadcast period: 2004-Apr-7 to 2004-Nov-2
    Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

      (Also known as Miss Kim's Million Dollar Quest / 파란만장 미스 김 10억 만들기 / Troublemaker Miss Kim / Miss Kim's Making One Billion) The crazy grand scheme of Ms. Kim who has a bizarre life story, and a troublemaking young man, to make a million dollars. Will they succeed in making a million dollars in such a short period of time? On the day of Eun-jae’s wedding, the groom, Young-hun, fails to turn up and the delivery man hands her a letter from him saying “sorry.” The photographer, Moo-yeol, takes Eun-jae by the arm as she stands panicking in front of countless guests and runs out of the hall. Unable to bring herself to admit the annulment of her wedding, Eun-jae pleads Moo-yeol to play the role of her husband at the housewarming party, and Moo-yeol does a splendid job. Meanwhile, Eun-jae finds out that the reason for the break-up of her wedding was because of her poor financial situation. Eun-jae makes up her mind to make money, thinking that she’d be able to get Young-hun back if she becomes rich. In the meantime, Moo-yeol’s father, who was in the sanitation facility business, goes bankrupt. Thus, Eun-jae and Moo-yeol decide to join forces. They invest every cent in their possession to begin an “online flower delivery” service. Their prospects become increasingly gloomy but on top of that, Seo Wu-gyung begins to interfere when he finds out that Moo-yeol and Eun-jae are in it together. Will Eun-jae and Moo-yeol’s quest to make a million dollars ever succeed?

    Director: Choi Yoon Suk
    Writer: Kang Eun Kyung
    Genre: Drama
    Episodes: 40
    Broadcast period: 2002-Mar-02 to 2002-Jul-28
    Air time
    Saturday & Sunday 09:45-10:50 PM

    (Also known as 유리구두 / Yu-ri Ku-du / Yuri Goodu / Glass Shoes) This drama is about the lives of Tae-hee and Yun-hee, two sisters whose mother died while giving birth to Yun-hee. Their father, who loves them dearly, married their mother without their paternal grandfather's consent, and deprived of any familial support, the sisters and their father struggle to make ends meet even as their father faces a life-threatening illness. This drama follows Tae-hee and Yun-hee into adulthood as, separated by a cruel twist of fate, the girls come to lead very different lives, oblivious of one another.

    Also known as: Merchant (MBC America), 상도 (商道)
    Episodes: 50
    Genre: Historical
    Broadcast period
    : 2001-Oct-15 to 2002-Apr-02
    Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
    Producer: Lee Byung Hoon
    Director: Lee Byung Hoon
    Original writing: Choi In Ho (최인호)
    Screenwriter: Choi Wan Kyu (Ep. 1-40), Jung Hyung Soo (Ep.41-50)
    Official Site

    This is a story exploring the moral of a trader and the value of the wealth. The popular writer Choi In Ho tells a story about the legendary Korean merchant in Joseon Dynasty, Im Sang-ok (1779-1855).

    Also known as: 그여자네집 / Keu Yeojane Jib, That Woman's House / Her House
    Episodes: 50
    Broadcast period: 2001-Apr-28 to 2001-Oct-21
    Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:55
    Screenwriter: Kim Jung Soo
    Producer: Park Jong
    Director: Park Jong
    Official Site

      This drama is about the unconventional love between Tae-ju (a construction supervisor) and Young-wook (a building renovator). Tae-ju is a traditional, elder son of a poor family. Young-wook is an independent, career-minded woman from a rich family. They love each other, but marriage appears out of the question due to their conflicting backgrounds and ambitions. Joon-hee (a repairman) and Heung-nam (a mechanic) share a room that they rent from the Jang family. Young-chae (Young-wook's spoiled cousin) falls hard for Joon-hee. Heung-nam searches for his love. Young-wook's bachelor uncle, Dae-woong, is a singing instructor who yearns to find happiness at age 35. Besides dealing with the love interests of the younger people, this drama also explores problems associated with having an elder family member with dementia in the household.

    Also known as: 덕이, Duk Yi / Dukee
    Episodes: 74
    Broadcast period: 2000-Apr-22 to 2000-Dec-31
    Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:55
    Producer: Yoon Young Mook, Lee Hyun Suk
    Director: Jang Hyung Il
    Screenwriter: Lee Hee Woo

    This drama follows the life of Jung Kwi Duk whose endearing virtues of truth, hope and beauty was tested by an intense conflict with her twin sister, Jung Kwi Jin.

    As known as: 청춘(青春) / Chungchoon, Youth / Days of Youth
    Episodes: 10
    Broadcast period: 1999-03-01 to 1999-03-30
    Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
    Writer: Yuk Jung Won
    Director: Choi Yoon Suk

    Charming Hyun-Woo (Jang Dong Gun) is a young salesman of computer units. Everything could be going well for him. However, he is unable to forget his first love Chae-Hee who is now dating with Sang-Min. One day Hyun-Woo picks up a girl who is suffering from a hangover. Her name is Won-Young (Kim Hyun Ju) and she is very grateful to Hyun-Woo after regaining her sobriety. However, even though Won-Young is attracted to Hyun-Woo from the start, he ignores her because he still cannot get over his past lover Chae-Hee.

    • Love Story (SBS, 1999) [Story 7: Insomnia, Manual and Orange Juice]

    Also known as: 러브스토리 / Leobeuseutori
    Genre: Drama, Romance
    Episodes: 16 (8*2)
    Broadcast period: 1999-Dec-01 to 2000-Jan-27
    Air time: Wednesday & Thursday
    Director: Lee Kang Hoon, Kim Jong Hyuk
    Writer: Song Ji Na

    A woman who acts manually falls in love with a comic book creator.

    Also known as: 햇빛속으로 / Haet-bit Sok-eu-ro, Craving for Sunlight / Craving for Sunshine
    Episodes: 16
    Broadcast period: 1999-Oct-27 to 1999-Dec-23
    Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
    Chief Producer: Lee Eun Kyu
    Director: Park Sung Soo
    Screenwriter: Kim Ki Ho, Lee Sun Mi

    Self-absorbed and rebellious, In Ha (Cha Tae Hyun) constantly knocking heads with his disapproving father and estranged brother Myung Ha (Jang Hyuk), an angry gangster that has nothing but hate for the family he never knew. When the brothers' relationships with In Ha's troubled fiancee (Kim Ha Neul) and Myung Ha's close friend (Kim Hyun Ju) begin to cross over, they must come to terms with each other, or risk losing both their family and true love.

    Also known as: 레디 고!, Ready Go
    Genre: Campus drama
    Episodes: 8
    Broadcast period: 1997-Nov-07 to 1998-Jan-11
    Air time: Friday 7:30 PM
    Director: Lee Chang Han, Lee Hyung Sun
    Screenwriter: Hong Jin Ah

    The hopes, frustrations and ambitions of young people in the campus student film club.

    Broadcast Information: Sat - Sun, 20:50, 1998-03-07 ~ 1998-08-02
    Director: Lee Jang Soo
    Screenplay: Park Jeong Ran

    소시민들의 찡한 애환과 희망 한자리에 IMF 한파로 잔뜩 위축되어 있는 요즘의 세태를 반영하면서 그러나 삶에 대한 의지를 잃지 않고 어려움 속에서도 행복을 찾아가는 소시민들의 이야기를 담은 홈 멜로 드라마이다.

    Broadcast Information: Wed & Thu, 21:50, 1997-05-07 ~ 1997-10-09
    Director: Park Jong
    Screenplay: Noh Hee Kyung

    70년대 마포를 배경으로, 가난하지만 열심히 살았던 사람들과 고향인 마포를 등질 수밖에 없었던 사람들의 이야기를 가슴 저리고 애틋하게 그리고 때론 따뜻한 웃음으로 그려낸 작품이다. 

    70년대 변화가 한창인 마포를 무대로 술집작부와 동네 깡패, 마포 토박이들과 막 밀려들기 시작한 타지 사람들 등 다양한 군상의 이야기를 다룬다. 가난이 원수라 어떻게든 돈을 벌려는 진구와 동생들 뒷바라지를 위해 술집으로 나섰지만 동생들이 자립한 뒤에는 미련 없이 세상을 뜨겠다는 애숙을 중심으로 펼쳐지는 이야기이다.

    • (1997/Dec/27 Sitcom) Oh Happy Day (w/ So Ji Sub)

    Also known as마지막 전쟁
    Broadcast Information: Mon - Tue, 21:55, 1999-07-12 ~ 1999-09-07
    Director: Kim Nam Won
    Screenplay: Park Ye Rang

    드라마의 초반부는 부유한 가정 출신의 타고난 미인인 변호사 한지수(심혜진 분)가 야채 가게 장남에 소심하고 비사교적인 샐러리맨 김태경(강남길)과 결혼한 사연을 알려주는 것으로 시작된다. 대학 동상인 이들은 태경이“이제 나는 그녀에게 무엇이고 싶다”고 읊조리며 지수의 짐을 싸들고 따라 다니다가 결혼에 골인하는데, 공주 같은 지수와 마당쇠 같은 태경의 관계는 결혼 이후 서로에 대한 욕구 불만과 콤플렉스 때문에 삐걱거리기 시작한다. 

    지수의 동생 지은(김현주)은 미모와 집안, 학교를 영악하게 이용하며 모든 남자가 자기에게 넘어올 수 있다고 믿는다. 그러나 PC통신으로 알게 된 정윤석(김상경)과 불장난에 빠졌다가 사랑의 아픔을 통해 철부지에서 성숙한 여인으로 거듭나게 된다. 

    지수의 친정 부모인 이순재 박정수 커플은 겉으로 보기에는 나무랄 데 없는 중산층 부부이다. 성공한 모범 가장과 교양있고 곱게 늙어가는 아내인 이들이 어느날 불쑥 황혼 이혼 소송에 휘말린다. 반면 야채 가게 부부인 임현식 나문희 커플의 경우, 남자는 앉아서 손 하나 까딱 않는 권위주의자에다 호방하고 정력가인 반면 여자는 모든 생각을 입으로 다 풀어내야만 직성이 풀리는 왈가닥이지만 남편 승낙 없이는 동전 한닢 맘대로 쓰기 어려운 처지다. 사돈 관계인 이 두 부부의 대조적인 모습에서 진정한 행복이란 무엇인지를 확인하게 된다.

    Broadcast Information: Sun 9:00, 1998-01-11 ~ 2000-03-12
    Director: Park Jong
    Screenplay: Seo Hee Jeong and 2 others

    전형적인 가족 드라마로 대가족이 한 집에 모여 살면서 일어날 수 있는 갖가지 사건들을 매주 다른 에피소드들로 엮은 시추에이션 코믹 드라마.

    • Electric Lamp (Best Theatre 300th Episode Special)
    • One Of A Pair
    • Club Waitress
    • 3 Men 3 Women (sitcom; w/ So Ji Sub)


    Genre: Omnibus, Drama
    Release Date: April 28, 2011 (Korea)

    Funded by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, [If You Were Me 5] takes a close look at the violent nature hidden behind our eyes. 5 directors- Kang Yi-kwan, Boo Ji-young, Yoon Sung hyun, Kim Dae-seung and Sin Dong-il disclose how closely ordinary events of society connect with our eyes. There is a hidden sexual violence beyond our eyes and the power of a controlled society works through the power beyond the eyes. Not only the violence of the eye itself, also limited the ability of individuals to see, the matter of the eye intervenes in various relationships between the individual and groups. The film demonstrates how sharp the eye has become in a society with developing technology. (LEE Sang-yong)

    Hangul: 신석기 블루스
    Director: Do-hyeok Kim
    Release Date: December 31, 2004
    Runtime: 108 min

    Suk-ki is perfect in a everyway but cold-hearted lawyer. He meets accidentally a man who has a same name with himself but both get involved in an accident and severely hurt. When he wakes up, he finds himself in the ugly body of the other guy. He has to live friend’s life from now on.

    Also known as: The Kumite (United States), 少年阿虎 (Chinese Title)
    Director: Daniel Lee
    Executive Producer: Catherine Hun
    Producers: Albert Chow, Dou Shou Fang
    Writers: Abe Kwong, Taurus Chow, Daniel Lee
    Cinematography: Tony Cheung
    Release Date: November 27, 2003
    Running time: 104 min.
    Country: Hong Kong

    Bond Cheung (Vanness Wu) is a high school student in Hong Kong who has a strong passion for Muay Thai kick boxing. He trains at a local boxing gym, and is instructed by the Kong Ching team trainer Lau (Gordon Liu), in an effort to be a competitor in the Star Runner Pan Asian Martial Arts Competition. While attending summer courses, he is attracted to his new Korean teacher Kim Mei Chiu (Kim Hyun-Joo). It is revealed that she is recovering from a break-up in Korea with a former lover and has come to Hong Kong to start over. The two start off as friends, but after a series of fateful events occur, feelings spark, and they eventually begin seeing one another, in spite of the controversy that it creates. Then abruptly, Bond is kicked off the Kong Ching team, regarding with his coach's financial troubles, which angers him and believes that his chance in entering the competition is gone. Soon after, he is confronted by an unexpected new trainer Bill (Max Mok Siu Chung), a washed-up but well experienced former martial arts champion. After some compensation, Bill teaches Bond Chinese Kung Fu (Wing Chun, Hong Kuen) as alternative and effective fighting techniques to his kick boxing. Regained confidence, Bond then decides to enter the competition on his own, with Bill as his advisor and cornerman and they become the team Fusion Tao. The event draws entires of 18 boxing organizations from 12 countries, along with its most lethal fighter Tank Wong (Andy On) from Soul Boxing Gym team. As his relationship with Kim becomes stable, Kim's former lover sees her again, asking for forgiveness, saying that he still loves her. With her feelings torn, she decides to go back to Korea with him, but is still having second thoughts about her feelings for Bond. In the competition however, competitors are slowly eliminated one by one, as the epic fight between Bond and Tank draws closer and what will determine both fighters' destiny.

    Genre: Fantasy
    Director: Song Hae-Sung
    Release Date: September 18, 1999 (Korea)

    "Calla" is a 1999 Korean romantic drama that deals with secret admirers, fate, mistaken identities, and second chances. It's a nicely constructed film that begins with an enigmatic tragedy and then jumps back (using the time-honored, mystical 'travel back in time' plot device) to give the protagonist the opportunity to discover the facts behind it, to (perhaps) change the outcome, and maybe even to find love.

    A fancy goods designer, Seon-Woo gets on a bus for his office as usual. In the packed bus he finds Gee-Hee and is captivated by her at first sight. After many twists and turns, he finally makes a promise with her to meet on Christmas Eve. When he gets the appointed spot, he witnesses Gee-Hee held in hostage by a man. The murderer kills her. She's gone. Three years later Seon-Woo prepares to be married to a woman as if he forgot Gee-Hee completely. He recollects his old memory on Gee-Hee at the bus station where he finds her for the first time. He craves her, and suddenly feels strange when he turns back. Something surrounding him is changed but not unfamiliar to him.

    His fervent desire retroacts time. He is located on the very Christmas Eve he made a promise with her. Given time is exactly 24 hours. He rushes to rescue her. Can he save her?

    Genre: Romance
    Revised romanization: Keuriseumaseue Noonyi Naerimyeon
    Hangul: 크리스마스에 눈이 내리면
    Director: Dong-hong Jang
    Writer: Su-chang Kong, Hye-Weon Shim
    Production: Samyoung Films
    Release Date: December 19, 1998
    Runtime: 100 min.
    Country: South Korea

    Song-Hi was raised by her father, violinist. After her father died, she falls in love with her elementary school friend Su-An like a destiny. After 12 years, Song-Hi who is teacher at kindergarten, meets Su-An again. The love of Song-Hi was not changed, but Su-An became a different person. He becomes lawyer and has fiancee Yu-Jeong, violinist. Discouraged Song-Hi suggests him to have date for 7 days on condition that she gives to him Stradivarius violin, her father's relics, as a betrothal present. Su-An and Song-Hi spend nice time as if they became children again. Su-An feels love to her, but 12 years have made everything changed and they feel a long distance between them. When the destined time nears, Su-An leaves for New York with his fiancee leaving happy reminiscence with Song-Hi behind.




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