Monday, September 5, 2011

"Broken Up" With Kim Hyun Joo

This is an old article about the rumored relationship of Kim Hyun Joo and So Ji Sub. And because some of the fellow fans would like to know about it more, we decided to post it here. I'd like to thank Dahee Fanel for translating this article. We just like to point out that this article may not be true; it contains at least one big mistake, where it says Kim Hyun Joo is shy and So Ji Sub is cheerful, when it's really the opposite. So please read it with a critical mind.

Actors Kim Hyun Joo (23) and So Ji Sub (24) have broken up. It was revealed that the "Macaw Couple", the Kim Hyun Joo-So Ji Sub couple, about whom there had been many rumours among the entertainers, broke up two months ago.

The reason the two of them broke up is because of their opposite personalities. So Ji Sub is very cheerful,
while Kim Hyun Joo is very shy, and thus they didn't match each other well. There's also the possibility that the root cause of the break-up could be that the two of them didn't get to see each other very much because they were both busy shooting.

Kim Hyun Joo has been shooting the MBC drama "That Woman's House" and "Sang Do", and has been very busy. So Ji Sub, as well, has been busy shooting Lee Hyun Woo's music video and a CF for Litmus Clothing after finishing the SBS drama "Law Firm".

Recently, at a meeting with some colleagues, Kim Hyun Joo stated that "We loved each other. But we didn't date each other in order to get married" and "We still have good feelings for each other, and we're going to remain friendly colleagues." So Ji Sub told an acquaintance, "My heart is hurting. But we're going to remain friendly colleagues so we can help each other as actors."

Kim Hyun Joo and So Ji Sub shot a KBS program together in 1997, and had good impressions of each other. Then actor Lee Jong Soo introduced Kim Hyun Joo to So Ji Sub, and they began dating seriously.

TV Net
*Translated by Dahee Fanel

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