About The Site

LOVE Kim Hyun Joo is a site dedicated to Kim Hyun Joo and all her international fans. We strive hard to share to everyone her updates, photos, videos, and all the information. This site is made possible with the help of KHJ fans in SOOMPI and the LIPS cafe. Without them, we won't have as much as we have right now. This site is created because we love Kim Hyun Joo. She is the only actress who inspired us to be good people. And we want to prove our love through this fansite.

Photos, Videos and other Media:

We don't own any photo or video posted in this site. They belong to their rightful owners. Please note that we don't intend copyright infringement.

Advertising and Revenue:

This site runs image and in-text ads and one Amazon ad at the Links page. The ads that will be seen at the Gallery and possibly at the Message Board are from Nabble (Gallery and Message Board are powered by Nabble), they are not from us. In as much as we try to post our monthly revenue publicly, we are not able to do so because we're not yet getting enough from it. Funds will be donated to a Good Neighbors Philippines, specifically to Reynalyn, the child that Kim Hyun Joo is helping.

We believe that through helping others especially the poor, we make their lives better regardless of the ways we help them.

If you have questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to answer you.