Monday, September 5, 2011

So Ji Sub Is Just A Friend

This is an old article about the rumored relationship of Kim Hyun Joo and So Ji Sub. And because some of the fellow fans would like to know about it more, we decided to post it here. I'd like to thank Dahee Fanel for translating this article.

WARNING: We just like to point out that this article may not be true. So please read it with a critical mind.

Popular actress Kim Hyun Joo (24) revealed her attitude about a reunion with her colleague, actor So Ji Sub (25), recently.

On February 14 of 2002, at the shooting location of the MBC drama , Kim Hyun Joo told reporters "So Ji Sub is just an actor I have good rhythms with" and requested "Please don't look at the fact that we're shooting the SBS drama together with tinted glasses."

Kim Hyun Joo also said "It's true that we dated each other happily, and even after we broke up, we're still good friends" and "I do feel pressured about this reunion that we didn't intend, but we will ignore all that and devote ourselves to showing a professional attitude in regard to acting."

Early this month, it was revealed that Kim Hyun Joo and So Ji Sub would be reunited because Kim Hyun Joo had recommended So Ji Sub to play a leading character in . After this, these two met with each other, and after consulting each other about the casting, decided to cause this reunion. Furthermore, after it had been revealed that they would be reunited, So Ji Sub behaved as though he would not be shooting this drama, but in the end, he decided to shoot it, and roused more doubt (from the people).

Concerning this, Kim Hyun Joo stated, "I was told that So Ji Sub was discussed for this role as one person out of many. It isn't easy to cast the role of the main male character, and they dropped many younger actors. After considering it for a long time, they concluded with him."

Kim Hyun Joo also said "Since has been prolonged for ten more episodes and its schedule clashes with ', I'm going a little nuts", and "I don't have time to think about our reunion", and laughed.

Korea Daily

*Translated by Dahee Fanel

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