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Monday, February 20, 2012

[News] Kong Hyeon-joo to play Kim Jeong-hoon's wife in "Dummy Mommy"

Actress Kong Hyeon-joo will be returning to home TV screens with the new SBS weekend drama "Dummy Mommy".
She is going to take on the role of Han Soo-in, a Johns Hopkins University medical school graduate and cardiologist.
She is the wife of Lee Je-ha (Kim Jeong-hoon) and an elite perfectionist, but leaves an offer to become a full-time professor at Johns Hopkins University and comes back to Korea to protect her love with her husband.
"Dummy Mommy" is a human drama about a mother who has a slight mental disability and her daughter, who struggles to be free from her fate. The cast includes Kim Hyeon-jooKong Hyeon-jooand Kim Jeong-hoon.
Source : ( Korean ) via Hancinema

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ha Hee-Ra Cast for SBS' Drama "Stupid Mother"

Ha Hee Ra (43) is expected to play the role of Kim Sun Young, the good and dedicated older sister of Young Hee (Kim Hyun Joo) in SBS' upcoming drama 'Stupid Mother' (tentative title).

SBS officials said, "Ha Hee Ra is expected to appear and coordinate on the current formal written agreement."

Succeeding the currently airing drama 'Live in Style,' 'Stupid Mother' will air its first broadcast on March 10 starring Kim Hyun Joo, Kim Tae Woo, Ha Hee Ra, Park Chul Min, Kim Jung Hoon and Ahn Seo Hyun.


I don't know much about Ha Hee Ra. I only watched one of her dramas, 'What's for Dinner.' But in my opinion, this role suits her and for sure she will portray it well.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Actor Kim Tae Woo is Kim Hyun Joo's Husband in "Stupid Sister"

And finally, a male lead! It's good to hear that Hyun Joo unni will be a married woman in this drama. And if you've been curious about who her husband is going to be, tadah~~~~ it's no other than Kim Tae Woo. No, not the famous singer Kim Tae Woo, it's the actor Kim Tae Woo. Actor Park Chul Min will also be part of the cast and he will be HJ's samchon (uncle).

Honestly guys, I miss 'Koon' so much... But I understand that every actress should move on with another male lead. I just hope they see each other often.

Back to the topic. KTW is not very popular outside Korea. But he is well-known in Korea and I think he has good acting skills. I really love to see a male lead who can get along with her golden acting. I hope I can also get to know more about this guy when the drama starts airing.

He has the looks. For me he's a cool ajussi. He is 6 years older than HJ. I wonder what kind of husband he will be in "Stupid Sister." I'll like him more if he shows off a humorous side of him in this drama. Too many thoughts are running on my mind. I'm getting more excited. March come fast!!

While we're waiting for the other actors to confirm, I'll just share some KTW photos here. I don't know if these are the latest photos. He looks younger when clean-shaven.

Monday, September 5, 2011

So Ji Sub Is Just A Friend

This is an old article about the rumored relationship of Kim Hyun Joo and So Ji Sub. And because some of the fellow fans would like to know about it more, we decided to post it here. I'd like to thank Dahee Fanel for translating this article.

WARNING: We just like to point out that this article may not be true. So please read it with a critical mind.

Popular actress Kim Hyun Joo (24) revealed her attitude about a reunion with her colleague, actor So Ji Sub (25), recently.

On February 14 of 2002, at the shooting location of the MBC drama , Kim Hyun Joo told reporters "So Ji Sub is just an actor I have good rhythms with" and requested "Please don't look at the fact that we're shooting the SBS drama together with tinted glasses."

Kim Hyun Joo also said "It's true that we dated each other happily, and even after we broke up, we're still good friends" and "I do feel pressured about this reunion that we didn't intend, but we will ignore all that and devote ourselves to showing a professional attitude in regard to acting."

"Broken Up" With Kim Hyun Joo

This is an old article about the rumored relationship of Kim Hyun Joo and So Ji Sub. And because some of the fellow fans would like to know about it more, we decided to post it here. I'd like to thank Dahee Fanel for translating this article. We just like to point out that this article may not be true; it contains at least one big mistake, where it says Kim Hyun Joo is shy and So Ji Sub is cheerful, when it's really the opposite. So please read it with a critical mind.

Actors Kim Hyun Joo (23) and So Ji Sub (24) have broken up. It was revealed that the "Macaw Couple", the Kim Hyun Joo-So Ji Sub couple, about whom there had been many rumours among the entertainers, broke up two months ago.

The reason the two of them broke up is because of their opposite personalities. So Ji Sub is very cheerful,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Kim Hyun Joo Is A Heart Jjang

**This is an old article about Kim Hyun Joo. We would like to share it to all of you. If you want to know more about Hyun Joo unni, this post is for you.**

[Metro 2005.09.29 09:00:39]
Translated by Dahee Fanel

New actor Yoon Sang Hyun from the SBS drama "To Marry A Millionaire" said "Thanks to sunbae's** encouragement, my nervousness vanished" and "I started liking her because of her heart, rather than her face." New actor Yoon Sang Hyun revealed his thoughts about his sunbae, actress Kim Hyun Joo. He has received the blessing of being Kim Hyun Joo's partner in the SBS drama "To Marry A Millionaire". Unable to hide his nervousness, he assumed a bashful smile. In the show, he plays the perfect man Yoon Jin-ha, who possesses good looks, talent, and wealth. He gets poor guy Kim Young-hoon (Go Soo) to pretend to be a millionaire on a TV show, and is the PD in charge of the happenings surrounding Kim Young-hoon's being wooed by the beauties.

Friday, August 26, 2011

What Cha Tae Hyun Has To Say About Kim Hyun Joo

Cha Tae Hyun says his kissing scene with Kim Hyun Joo is the most memorable for him.
He still remembered how wonderful it is to kiss her beautiful and thick lips (then laughter comes after his explanations.. haha~ the 5th and 6th picture were funny. Okay~ Kim Hyun Joo is the Korean Angelina Jolie). :-) 

This topic was not new.. It first came out on August 23, 2011 but decided to not to post anything about it yet because I haven't made clarifications about it. Thanks to our wonderful forum friends.

Cha Tae Hyun is Kim Hyun Joo's co-star in the MBC Dramas "Ready Go!" (1998) and "Into the Sunlight" (1999)

Check out the whole story HERE (Korean)

Credit: gelato (for the summary/translation)
*photo courtesy of