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Monday, March 11, 2013

"Cruel Palace: War of Flowers" English Trailer

Wanna know the story behind the much awaited drama "Cruel Palace: War of Flowers"? Watch this and get excited. Don't forget to watch the premiere!

credit: DramaFever@youtube

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kim Hyun-joo headlines JTBC’s sageuk War of the Flowers

original post by @javabeans of dramabeans

With the success of Childless Good Fortune buoying JTBC’s roster, they’re not wasting any time lining up their next weekend drama: They’ve announced Dark History: War of the Flowers, which has cast Kim Hyun-joo in the lead role playing a Joseon-era femme fatale. The drama is a sageuk and comes from the team who gave JTBC one of its earliest hits, Queen Dowager In-soo, so you can bet expectations are heightened for War of the Flowers.
Kim Hyun-joo has played a lot of types of characters in her career (recent dramas includeDumb Mom, Twinkle Twinkle), but I still associate her with a gentle sort of acting style, so this may be a big change for her. She plays a concubine of King Injo, Lady Jo, who was born into the lowest class but won Injo’s favor using her beauty and her wiles, and turned into a seductress who kept the king under her thumb. She played a key role in fracturing the relationship between Injo and his son, Crown Prince Sohyeon.
Usually these dramas take forever to release all their casting news, dropping one tidbit at a time, but this one seems to be going for the all-in-one-shot approach: Chae Jung-ahn(Queen of Reversals, Coffee Prince) has also signed on as Lady Kang, the crown princess and wife of Sohyeon. Ah, so their antagonism will probably fuel much of the drama.

The crown princess has an honorable reputation and is known for her intelligence, and together with her husband she advocated for reforms in Joseon. You can see how that might not jibe so well with the power-hungry and scheming seductress trying to keep the king under her control. That makes Kim Hyun-joo's character Chae Jung-ahn's mother-in-law, though the two actresses are of an age (both 36), which should make the showdown interesting.
Complicating matters, Jeon Tae-soo (It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl) is onboard playing Lady Jo’s lover. So she’s got a king wrapped around her finger, a son-in-law to alienate, a daughter-in-law to battle wills against, and a little sump’n-sump’n on the side too? This lady has balls.
Cast as King Injo is Lee Deok-hwa (May Queen, History of the Salaryman), while Jung Sung-woon (Dong Yi) will play Sohyeon. Jung Sung-mo (God of War) will play Kim Ja-jeom, a well-known politician and Confucian scholar.
War of the Flowers will replace Childless Good Fortune and takes to airwaves in March.

credit: @javabeans of dramabeans

Monday, August 15, 2011

[Korean Drama "Twinkle Twinkle"] Seung Joon - Jung Won Wedding Photos

credit: jyssandra
Korean Drama "Twinkle Twinkle" Wedding Photos

It was a successful and a happy ending! Congratulations to all the cast and the crew! ^^ Congratulations Han Jung-Won and Song Seung-Joon! ^^ Best wishes to the newlywed couple.

Here are some on-the-set captures of Song Seung-Joon and Han Jung-Won's wedding.

credits: Kim Se Eun (sseny7) & Cinderella Wedding School (iweddingu)

[Twinkle Twinkle Drama Update] Cheers! It's a Happy Ending!

Korean Drama "Twinkle Twinkle" new set of photos - August 14, 2011

A happy ending for "Twinkle Twinkle". The last episode was aired yesterday. It's just sad that you really have to wait for a very long time for the English subbed episodes to release. If you really want to know the whole story, the RAW episodes are already at ^^

Ah~.. How time flies. I didn't notice it has already ended. But before that happy ending, let's see the twists and turns they've gone through. 

Looks like Song Seung-Joon (Kim Seok-Hoon) faces the consequences of letting go of her dear Han Jung Won (Kim Hyun-Joo).. Oh my~.. These photos will surely make everyone excited to watch "Twinkle Twinkle." Photos are arranged in no particular order. Please stay tuned!

-on the set- ^^

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Korean Drama "Twinkle Twinkle" New Photos

Here are some of the new captures of Korean drama "Twinkle Twinkle" (August 6, 2011). Please keep on supporting Twinkle Twinkle. We all know that subbing REALLY takes too long and the raw episodes are really ahead of the subbed episodes. "Subbers!! Where are you~?" In the meantime, take a look at these photos and have your own predictions about how the happy ending flows. Have fun!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Watch Twinkle Twinkle Episode 39

Mysoju has added Episodes 37 and 38 to their list. But... The English-subbed episodes doesn't end there actually. I accidentally found Episode 39. The good news is it was already subbed! At least the subbed episodes are now approaching Episode 40. Have fun!

Here are the links:

Episode 39 - Part 1
Episode 39 - Part 2
Episode 39 - Part 3
Episode 39 - Part 4

Twinkle Twinkle was nominated for Best Drama Series (full-length) category in Seoul Drama Awards 2011. Please keep on supporting the drama and the cast who were nominated for the individual category. For more info, please visit SDA 2011 or

Monday, July 18, 2011

Watch Twinkle Twinkle Episodes 44-46

These episodes are RAW. Subbed episodes are coming soon. I don't know why subbing this drama takes too long. If you have noticed, some popular dramas have their episodes subbed each day. But anyway, there's no choice but to wait. And since Twinkle Twinkle has added 4 more episodes, it will be a 54-episode drama. Enjoy! Credit: EPDRAMA

Episode 44
Episode 45
Episode 46

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Korean Drama Twinkle Twinkle's Kim Seok Hoon and Kim Hyun Joo's Last Sad Farewell Dinner

Kim Seok Hoon (Song Seung Joon) and Kim Hyun Joo (Han Jung-Won) eventually celebrated farewell.

Got this story from a Korean site. I'm sorry I only understand a few Korean but this is how it goes.

This episode was aired on the 16th of July as the two were getting ready for dinner. The couple's situation gets worse that it has come to them like a big deal with adversity. How can't it be worse when there's Hwang Geum Ran who also likes Seung Joon? And the fact that both of their families don't like their relationship makes it more painful.

Seung Joon eventually chose to surrender rather than facing the adversity. He wants to part ways with Jung Won. He said those words with teary eyes.

Jung Won tries to hold on but Seung Joon didn't change his mind. He loves Jung Won so much that he had to let go of her so that she won't get hurt. It ended up hitting a sad goodbye.

Meanwhile, I've read some speculations from other KDrama sites that in the end, Seung Joon reluctantly decided to become a loan shark. The statement raised viewers' questions about whether he really turned into a loan shark or not. Curious? Let's find out how the story will go on the 17th.

SOURCE: (Korean)
*photos courtesy of (Korean)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Watch Korean Drama "Twinkle Twinkle" Episodes 35-43

Tired of waiting for the subbed episodes? Maybe you'll be interested to watch these RAW episodes of Korean Drama "Twinkle Twinkle." Subbing takes too long. I know it's no use because most viewers can't understand Korean. But you might want to see what's gonna happen to our favorite stars. I still suggest to keep on checking out Mysoju because they are the most updated when it comes to subbed episodes. Below are the links where you can watch it for FREE at EP Drama. Geez! Seven episodes to go and it's all over. I hope the subbing process gets fast. I know I'm not the only one excited to watch the subbed episodes.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

(PART 2)Episodes 41 and 42 Captures of the Korean Drama Twinkle Twinkle

Source: Hancinema
Permalink: [Spoiler] Added episodes 41 and 42 captures for the Korean drama "Twinkle Twinkle"

(PART 1)Episodes 41 and 42 captures for the Korean Drama Twinkle Twinkle

Hi every one. A few days to go and we're heading to the happy ending. While waiting for that moment (and for the unsubbed Episodes 35-42), let me share the captures of Episodes 41 and 42. New personalities joined the scenes. And since some of us still don't have any idea of what Episodes 41 and 42 are all about (even I don't have the idea), I still think waiting is the best thing to do. I'm so excited about what these new characters will do and what are their roles in Han Jung Won's life. If you understand Korean, then maybe you can get along with the photos posted below. Keep on watching!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle (반짝반짝 빛나는) Drama Update

 Mysoju finally had Twinkle Twinkle (반짝반짝 빛나는) Episodes 30 to 31 subbed! Special thanks to KimchiDrama for the English subbed episodes. Please continue watching Twinkle Twinkle and let's support Kim Hyun-Joo and the rest of the cast. I think the raw episodes are now beyond Episode 38 and it's so sad that the subbed episodes are still at Episode 31.

Watch Episodes 30-31 HERE

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Download Twinkle Twinkle Episode 1-38

Just today, I found this page where you can download the MBC Drama Series "Twinkle Twinkle (반짝반짝 빛나는)" from Episode 1-38 with English Subtitles. For now, Mysoju only had 29 episodes and I think it's been a long time waiting. This is good that we can now download the subbed episodes. But it's a bit space-consuming since an episode would consume more or less 400MB of your PC's disk space. It's better if you have an external hard drive.

These are medium-quality download links, re-encoded from high-quality. I would like to thank foreveralways for taking the time to upload the series and Medium Quality Links for sharing. Good day!