Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sure Magazine Photoshoot and Interview

This is Kim Hyun Joo unni's recent photo-shoot for Sure Magazine's December issue. Love the gorgeous look!
Kim Hyun Joo is still brilliantly sparkling. Her inner beauty seems to show in front of the camera. So what is deeper than her usual robust beauty.

NOTE: I don't know if I translated it right. But it's more likely how the interview has gone. If you understand Korean, please make some corrections.

"Do not do anything really bad about the time you spend. You do not stand for a moment. You'll just blame yourself for time you've been lazy and have to regret it later. So after I finished work, I recharge my energy and I'm trying to learn something."

Being Han Jung Won in "Twinkle Twinkle": I remember everyone loves her attractive city girl character. But that's not what I am at all. Some people think I wear luxury clothes like Han Jung Won. But the fact is I don't like the same lace details she wears.

"I'm nervous to wear my inner beauty lately. For example, you can tell that you do put some lemon juice to a drink water which contains lots of vitamin C. Eat green peppers everyday and more... Proper diet in particular. And not to forget multivitamins and calcium. In the past, I'd love to eat more meat. But nowadays, it's mainly fish and vegetables. It's better to have light meals."

"If you don't have confidence in appearance, leading you to nervousness, I guess.. You don't like your face, making futile thoughts, etc.. Have confidence and be proud of your beauty. So I always say, believe in yourself."

For a minimum effort for the skin, I drink plenty of water and I sleep well. Skin looks light just by moisturizing. And always trying to smile goes along the way. Maybe if depressed it affects the eyes and the lips and it makes me feel like sitting down. If you think positively as much skin seems brighter.

Some time ago, I traveled alone for the first time. Taking a break in a strange place, I did not only focus on myself.
We'll try to translate the full interview as soon as possible. :-)

credit: LIPS

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