Monday, September 5, 2011

What was your first impression of Hyunjoo? What was your "journey" with her?

While I was looking for photos in the KHJ Thread in SOOMPI, I came upon these words that Dahee Fanel wrote. Well, we had the same first impression. But it changed as times goes by... ^^ I also had a lot of things to share but it's better to know Dahee's "journey" first. I just can't help but repost this here at the Fansite.. :-D

Here it is..


As for me, the first time I saw her was in "Glass Slippers", when I was fourteen years old. I started watching that drama simply because So Ji Sub was going to be in it. The very first time I caught a glimpse of her, smiling as she pedalled away on her bike, I thought to myself, "She's very cute, but not exactly pretty." Yes, I know!! Silly of me, wasn't it?

Then, as subsequent scenes emerged, I realized just how beautiful she was. My cousin coined KHJ's charm as we watched this drama - "The more I see of her, the more beautiful she is."

Hyunjoo unni became one of my only favourite Korean actresses thanks to this role. I watched bits and pieces of "Sang Do" and "That Woman's House" (I don't like period or family dramas very much) as well, and I didn't get the chance to watch "Shinsukki Blues", since my mom returned it to the video store before I could (I'm planning on renting it again). Then I saw her in "Miss Kim's Million Dollar Project".

WOW!!! She was the same old Hyunjoo, except a little older, with a different, exuberant acting style that made me collapse onto the floor in giggles. "Miss Kim" soon became one of my favourite dramas, and I eagerly anticipated the release of the next episode every week. Hyunjoo's so beautiful here, and she shows a versatility that awes me. She's so different from the "pure" Yoon-hee in "Glass Slippers". She really cemented my respect for her (although she'd already had it before this).

It was while I was rewatching "Glass Slippers" for the nth time (after "Miss Kim" ended) that I realized that I was grinning while watching her, without even realizing it. Every time she lets loose that megawatt smile of hers, I can't help but smile as well. She just gives me a happy, satisfied feeling. And her crying scenes always touch me deeply, as well.

After this, I actively searched for more information on her. I watched "Calla", a lovely film that showcased her shy beauty. I became active in her thread on Soompi, and I began researching her on Korean sites (something I'd never done before, not even for So Ji Sub). I am watching "To Marry A Millionaire", a show that, although not as good as I had hoped, still displays her charm and acting ability. And the more I learn about her, the more I respect and admire her. She strikes me as such a confident, honest, intelligent, kind, beautiful person, and she's never once disappointed me in any of the things I've read about her. She seems like she'd make the perfect "unni", the perfect friend.

Kim Hyun Joo jjang!!

Okay, now your turn.

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